Who is taye diggs dating zac afron dating

As a black mother of mixed race children I understand where Diggs is coming from: having mixed race children does change your perspective on the world.It has made me more conscious of my own identity, and made we want to ensure my children also knew their own shared history and background so they might better shape their world view.

they agreed to share custody of their 5-year-old son, Walker. They're also splitting all parenting costs right down the middle, so no child support either.

Diggs and Menzel announced their split in December 2013, but according to court docs obtained by TMZ ...

there was no further action until November, when Taye filed the divorce petition in New York.

I shared an article about this on my Twitter feed and got a mixed response which surprised me.

Most were positive but, one gave me cause to pause it: "I reckon he should identify with the human race given that's what he is part of." While agreeing that race is a social construct and we are all indeed part of the human race, I didn’t think that response showed any understanding of where Taye was coming from.