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This report draws on more than 100 interviews conducted during those visits with displaced persons, refugees, and victims of abuses, as well as KIA representatives, Burmese army deserters, and humanitarian aid workers.

We have continued monitoring events on the ground and have conducted follow-up research through March 2012.

Independent India adopted planning in the 1950's as its development vehicle.

Planning is a preparation for action and conscious effort to achieve desired ends.

Article 38 and 39 (a),(b) & (c) of the DPSP's in the Indian Constitution are cited in the resolution of 15th March 1950 by which the Planning Commission was setup.

This move was resented by opposition groups, while the SPLM itself became increasingly fragmented over the manoeuvre for positions of power.

He was succeeded by Salva Kiir, who changed the composition of the Go SS to become dominated by the SPLM.

I would say no one, who is in relationship has as much time for their friends than someone who is in long-distance relationships.

I know, one day we have to think about our future but hey, I am in my mid twenty’s and there is no reason to face all negative points about a long -distance relationship.