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As well as an awesome line up up vendors to shop from while you’re there. A: You are only able to attend the two sessions you’ve signed up for, as well as the general session.

When I was single, I was terrified I would never marry.

There will be plenty of activities to take part in.

Including super fun, and educational events for your children.

No, I need to live and serve with my eyes on the happiness that awaits in heaven. Think of a time you felt like the only one who didn’t fit in. SEE ALSO: Make Your Single Years Significant Welcome to the life of Christian singles in the South.

Are you over 50 and thinking about trying online dating?

In fact more and more mature men and women are turning to online platforms as a viable way of meeting new people.

Many mature daters find meeting fellow singles in the same way they might have 30 or 40 years ago much more difficult.Ever since we looked at 1 Corinthians 7, I’ve had interesting conversations with my single and married friends.In my experience, here are five things singles wish married couples knew.She might not share all my interests or always get my humor.She might not like my music or always want to have sex. And quite frankly, I wasn’t looking for a human; because so many of the humans I knew could barely stand to live together.