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The Geography consists of three sections, divided among 8 books.

Book I is a treatise on cartography, describing the methods used to assemble and arrange Ptolemy's data.

Rarely seen for sale, this attractive map is undated though, from the style & design, evidently first appeared in the early to mid 1930’s.

The verso of the front cover advertises the 48-page “Geographia” , which bibliographic sources indicate was first published in early 1931.

Munster was born in Nierder-Ingelheim, near Mainz on 20th January 1488, the son of Andreas Munster (1).

In 1505, he joined the Franciscan Order, and four years later was sent to the monastery of St. There he studied under Konrad Pelikan, who was to have great influence over the young man in the next five years.

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Evidently, Munster was a gifted pupil, but his earliest prowess is demonstrated in his mastery of language compiling, among a wide range of books, a Hebrew-Latin dictionary, and translating a large number of books.Slight mis-creasing to map on right edge, but overall a very nice example in fine bright colour & excellent condition.Uncommon pictorial map of London with decorative and humorous details, very much in the genre and style of Mac Donald Gill’s Wonderground Map of London [1914].Meanwhile the Muslims were slowly unearthing and exploring the treasures of Greek and Persian wisdom, fired with enthusiasm to study them.Aided by their own native genius, by the keenest inter-regional competition - for Muslim culture radiated from a number of centers distributed all the way from Samarkand to Seville - and the stimulus of the classical models, they succeeded in advancing the cause of every known science before being overtaken by a tyrannical obscuranticism.