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While Sony finally has an OLED of its own, the company believes its competitive advantage comes from two places: Having a TV with the best image processing, and having a TV with a great voice platform.

Sony's sets already come with Android TV, but this year's models will be the first television sets with Google Assistant on board.

The Farneymen came into the game having failed to hit their stride at any stage during the summer, and plotting their course through the Qualifiers looked to have taken a physical toll.panels boast powerful processors that improve the look of just about any video you throw onto the screen.But the chips inside these TVs don't stop at making movies look better: Like giant Pixel phones, the TVs will have Google’s voice-controlled Assistant built into them. According to Sony, Google Assistant will be added to their new sets via a firmware update later this year. Tens of millions of people are expected to decide it’s finally time to buy a 4K TV this year, and the deals are delicious at every point of the pricing spectrum.This show is looking stacked, which means you don’t want to miss it. You’ll be able to access the WWE Network through the following devices/websites: – PS3 or PS4 – Xbox 360 or Xbox One – Sony Internet-connected TVs – Samsung Smart TVs – Panasonic Life Screen Smart TVs – Kindle Fire or Amazon Fire TV – Apple TV – Roku – i OS enabled devices – Android enabled devices – The main airing of WWE Extreme Rules 2017 will begin at 8 P. So here’s the official date, location and Kickoff/main show start times for WWE Raw’s Extreme Rules 2017.