Attitudes toward interracial dating

Favorable views about intermarriage increases when one is more liberal: Nearly six-in-ten liberals (59%) think that more people of different races marrying each other has been a better change for our society, nearly half (48%) of moderates agree, compared with less than one-third (32%) of conservatives who say so.There are significant geographic differences associated with people’s opinion on the impact of intermarriages on society.47 members cohort men's and women's attitude toward dating linked together to provide you safe online sites.

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In 2000, 24 percent of Blacks and 11 percent of Whites said they strongly favor their close relative marrying someone of the opposite race.

In 2012, the gap remains at 42 percent for Blacks and 13 percent for Whites.

College-educated adults are most likely to think positively about intermarriage than those with less education.

More than half of college graduates (including postgraduates) say that more intermarriage is better for society, while only about one-third of adults who have a high school diploma or less and 48% of adults with some college education agree.